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How to draw a unicorn (8 step by step tutorial)

How to Draw a Unicorn.

Here is a simple way to learn How to Draw a Unicorn.
This tutorial is perfect for kids and beginners looking to teach or draw a unicorn. An easy teach for students in a class room. There are certainly a bunch more detailed unicorn drawing tutorials across the internet. We will show you 8 simple and easy steps. Lets get started.

What you need:

Marker or Pencil,
Blank Paper
Optional: coloring material.

Step 1
Start with drawing the head of the unicorn head.

Example provided below A.

Step 2 Lets draw in some facial details. We will include 4 features. One circle eye, one circle nose, a mouth, and part of the neck of the unicorn.

Example provided below B.

Step 3
Next we will draw one the legs and the belly. We will break this up sections.

Example provided below C.

Step 4
Continue to draw the back leg of the leg we just drew.

Example provided below D.

Step 5
Now lets draw the other set of legs.

Example provided below E.

Step 6
Now lets do the ears, back of the neck, and back. It is easier to do this without taking whatever you are drawing with off your paper.

Example provided below F.

Step 7

Next is the mane. A mane is the growth of long hair on the neck of a horse, lion, or other animal.

Lets draw a little of it between the neck ears and head.

Example provided below G.

Step 8
This is the last step. It is time to draw the famous horn and tail on our lovely unicorn.

Example provided below H.

Well done. You now know how to draw a unicorn. We have added an extra example below if you want to get a little more detailed. Happy unicorning!

Example provided below I.